All the beneficiaries of Office Pro Plus 2021 are yours now

professional plus 2021 Office

For all the Windows and Mac users this is definitely a great announcement. By this year they will be dealing with office 2021. Office 2021 has been polished and is now available to users. It includes nearly every substitute to Office 365’s suite of products during the last three years, however some features are only available to subscribers.

The professional plus 2021 Office version has some system utilities which you should have before downloading it.  It will work on Windows 10 with 4 Gb of free disk space, dual core processor faster than 1.6Ghz, 4Gb RAM for 64 bit version. The download method of pro plus is same as that of the Office 2021 preview. Here you can get it.

  • First step is open the MS download center and click on office deployment tool.
  • Now you have the downloaded file. Just save the extracted file on the desktop.
  • With the opening of extracted file, you will find various configuration files or setup files.
  • Amongst the 3 given configuration files, don’t click on the setup file. This file will show you error.
  • To make it work, you have to rewrite the name of other two files.
  • Notepad is where you will open the configuration file.
  • Select all and delete all the content written there.
  • Type the given below coding:

<Configuration> <Add OfficeClientEdition = “64” Channel = “PerpetualVL2021”> <Product ID = “ProPlus2021Volume” PIDKEY = “T3N47-WVHW9-VCT2V-QKP29-P393W”> <Language ID = “en-en” /> </ Product> </Add> <RemoveMSI /> <Updates Enabled = “TRUE” /> <Property Name = “AUTOACTIVATE” Value = “1” /> </Configuration>

  • Save it. now rewrite the coding with the other configuration file with 32 bit version:

<Configuration> <Add OfficeClientEdition = “32” Channel = “PerpetualVL2021”> <Product ID = “ProPlus2021Volume” PIDKEY = “T3N47-WVHW9-VCT2V-QKP29-P393W”> <Language ID = “en-en” /> </ Product> </Add> <RemoveMSI /> <Updates Enabled = “TRUE” /> <Property Name = “AUTOACTIVATE” Value = “1” /> </Configuration>

  • Select Windows powershell option while pressing Shift key.
  • Paste this URL on the pop up screen \setup.exe / configure.\configuration-x64.xml
  • And it will get downloaded.