Are your Windows 10 update not working?

windows update stuck fix

Are your Windows 10 update not working?

Sometimes the Windows 10 upgrade may show some issues in working after the update. There are various possible reasons behind the error which can’t be pointed out specifically. There are a few general fixes that you can try to undo this error.

How do you know that Windows 10 update not working?

Upon installing Windows 10, you might see a pop-up regarding configuration error on your screen. The pop-up mat state alert for not turning off your device and advise you to revert all the changes. The update might also not start before you try the second logon.

How to solve this issue?

For resolving the issue in your Windows 10 update, here we are representing a few ways that you can use. You can start with the first one. It will more likely solve your error. But if it doesn’t, then you can head for the next ones subsequently.

Way-1: Do a clean Boot start and Update Again

In this method, you will need to restart your windows. Then update the Windows again in a clean boot state. Clean boot will clear the issue of hindrance in Windows update due to any other applications present in your device.

For Windows 8 version, go to your settings and choose change PC settings. Later click on update and recovery and then the windows update option.

Way-2: Windows Update Troubleshooter

Start by installing Windows Update Troubleshooter. A pop-up menu will appear stating open or save options. Select either one. Then another pop-up with the following option will appear. Click on next and then execute all the given steps in Wizard.

Way-3: Execute a system restore

Opt for a system restore when while switches on your device with the effect of a Windows installation disc. System recovery option is also available in startup builds.