Excel not working? Here’s What to do?

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Excel not working? Here’s What to do?

After updating or having too many abrupt excel files may cause errors in the working of excel. The issue can also arise due to a file hindering the execution of an opening for a particular file. This is a problematic situation as you may have essential docs saved on your device. Let’s understand the cause and solution if your excel is not working.

Why is your excel not working?

Sometimes excel can also stop working due to a particular update. This may be because your device is not crisp enough to work with it. Or maybe the update has a specific bug.

Too many instances of excel at the same time can also cause a slow down of excel. In some cases, abrupt changes without updating may also result in your excel not working.

What to do when excel not working?

If your excel is not working, then we are suggesting the following methods to resolve the issue. If the error is because of an update, then uninstall it. In Windows 10, you can uninstall the update by

  • Click on start.
  • Search for View Installed Updates and click on it.
  • Open the updates of Microsoft Excel.
  • Select the latest update you did and then click on uninstall.

The second method is by ignoring DDE. This method will work if you are getting an error pop-up due to any other application hindrance.

  • Go to the file option.
  • Now click on the advanced option.
  • Find the general section.
  • Now erase all the DDE checkboxes [choose the clear option in the general box].
  • Click on ok.

Another way;

  • Do a right-click to open the pop-up menu.
  • Select open with.
  • Choose more apps.
  • Choose the desired excel version.
  • Choose always use this app tag.
  • Click ok.