How to resolve Microsoft Outlook Unlicensed?


Sometimes users see a small pop-up message on the top-right of their Microsoft applicating stating Microsoft outlook is unlicensed. This reduces several available features of Microsoft. The error message stops the availability of various features of the official program for the user including outlook access. It can hover the danger of not accessing various important files. Let’s see what are the causes and solutions of this issue.

Causes of Microsoft Outlook Unlicensed

There can be various reasons behind showing the error pop-up of Microsoft outlook unlicensed like;

  • Sometimes if your system is showing the wrong date and time, then an issue can arise.
  • If your subscription license has ended at Microsoft office, then you can also show such pop-ups.
  • If your product key has been used in the wrong way, Microsoft stops working as a consequence.


You can try the following methods to resolve the issue of Microsoft outlook unlicensed.


Check your device’s date and time

If your computer is showing the wrong date and time, then change them to the right numbers to start your Microsoft office outlook.

  • First, stop all the tabs of the office. Completely close them.
  • In the bottom corner of your screen, click on date and time. You will see a menu of date and time settings. Click on it.
  • Now click on the chosen time automatically.
  • If you don’t see the automatic time and date option, then select your local time zone on the screen.
  • Now restart your office programs again.


Run Office as admin

To run the office as an administrator follow the given steps;

  • First, close all office tabs.
  • Select the start button.
  • Type a Microsoft application name in it.
  • The program icon will appear.
  • Right-click the Office icon and choose run as administrator.
  • Now click on yes. This will permit the office to run as an administrator.