MAC users, get Office 2021 now

how to download and install 2021 office for mac

Windows are always useful and handy to enjoy working on. MAC users who are eager to install Office 2021 have come at the right place. You are a couple of steps away from getting Office 2021 on your MAC. Though Office 365 is officially available to get it and Office 2021 is for PCs only.

  • Sign in with your account details on
  • With any of your MS account with which your Office is connected, log in with it.
  • If you directly logged in with the MS account, you can jump to the main Office page and click on Install for downloading Office.
  • If you are signing in with any other account like work or institution account, you can install Office from the MS 365 home page.
  • The apps which you find beneficial, select them from Office 365 apps to start downloading.

That’s how you download it. You are one step away to use it. So here are the steps of installing it:

  1. In Finder click on Downloads, here you will see MS Office installer.pkgfile
  2. If the file doesn’t open and you see an error then wait for few minutes and transfer the file you have downloaded to desktop. Press ctrl and simultaneously click on the file.
  3. To start with the installation procedure, click on Continue on the displayed page.
  4. Select Agree after going through the license agreement.
  5. After this click on Continue to carry on your installing process.
  6. If prompted, type your MAC password and click on Install software.
  7. For the activation process, open all the apps from the launchpad icon.
  8. Here you can choose MS word, MS Outlook, and you can launch it by clicking on Get started.