How to Resolve Office Install Stuck At 50%?

office update stuck at 50 percent

The difficulty in handling office update stuck is a very common issue faced by many of the clients. The Microsoft 365 apps update stuck at 50% is the common lodged complaint. Usually the office 365/2021/2019 updates get settled within an hour or two if you have good internet connection. However, this time as soon as it reaches half of the loading, it freezes.

The component accountable for the freezing is the size of the update and with every update, size keeps on increasing. Similarly, make sure that with a good Internet connection you should have memory also.

Office Error Code – “Office Install Stuck” Returns With Following Error

Stuck at Updating Office, Please wait a moment.
Stuck on Downloading Office Updates.
Office is taking long to install.
Office is taking a long to install or you’re on a slow connection.
Microsoft Office 365 Stuck on Getting Things Ready.

Get rid of annoying ‘Office Update Stuck’ 

To resolve ‘office update stuck’ we update data to get

  • Modified versions
  • Better features and
  • Improvement in the existing work panel.

Unfortunately, downloading the important documents can take a while in case you don`t know how to ameliorate everything.

Make room for files:

Defragmenting your hard disk is always recommendable before Office downloads as they require lots of space. To defragment a drive you have to type defragment and Optimize drive.

To do this, click on Analyse after selecting the drive and optimize it to above 10%.

Troubleshoot Settings:

If faulty software components are causing installation problems, this tool can fix the problem and reduce download and installation times. Just press the Windows button and type in Troubleshooting Options. This will open a new window with Windows Update.

Magical keys:

If you have any other downloads or software running in background, you have to render them by pressing the magical keys.

  • Firstly, press ‘ctrl+alt+del’ keys
  • Secondly, click on Task Manager.
    Task Manager

Similarly, to fasten up the updating process Disable all the unnecessary apps.

Better network better results:

Every time any small issue can turn to vamp one if you do not have a good bandwidth. Simultaneously, make sure you have an optimized network to not to get in any troubles.

In conclusion, 

If you have problem in doing this method, we advise you to choose a Technical Support from us to help you better.

In addition, you can check the reviews of Assured assist from your friends and family.

However, I am sure any disaster that would have happened for few are due to their system hardware dependencies.

Technical Support

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