One stop to get Office pro plus 2019

Office 2019 Professional Plus Download

Office Professional Plus 2019 is the version which has all the features of standard version, the only difference they have is Pro plus has the advantage of  automatic and cumulative feature updates. You can easily download and install it. The instructions given below will let you relish the benefits of pro plus 2019.

  • Sign in is the very first step on the Office’s website.
  • Signing in with the MS account make things simpler, as you can directly click on Install now and get it.
  • If you have work account then sign in by clicking on Install Office from home page.
  • This will take you to the drop box of installing Office 365 apps.
  • Here the download task is finished.

Now let’s move forward towards the installation process:

  • If you are user of Internet Explorer click on Run, or Setup for Chrome users or click on Save file if downloaded through Firefox.
  • Now a pop up screen will seek your permission to make changes to the existing apps. Here say Yes to it.
  • You will be done in a moment with the headline “You’re all set! Office is installed now”.
  • Still if you are unable to see the Office applications an animation will start playing automatically to introduce you with the Office apps.
  • Click on Close and your task is finished.

Here is how you can use the Office apps:

  • Choose any Office app you want to use by clicking on the Start icon.
  • If you want to open Excel, write Excel there.
  • And if you are unable to find Office apps, the best way is to type it in Search panel.
  • With every app a license agreement page will display on your screen. Simply go through it and accept it.