Word not responding? Here’s How to Solve it?

Word not Responding

Word not responding? Here’s How to Solve it?

Sometimes Word can stop responding or start working too slow. This can be very frustrating to work with. Here, we have explained the solutions and causes of slowing down of Word briefly.

Why Your Word is Not Responding?

Too many untracked changes may result in slowing down Word. Ending the Word abruptly can also cause such issues. It leaves temp files which may result in a non-responsive trait of Word. Sometimes Windows defaulter can also cause such temp files.

External factors may also cause the errorful working of the Word. If the slowdown is because of any Microsoft Update, it is out of your hands to resolve the issue. Uninstalling updates is the only way to get the optimal speed back.

Word not responding? What to do?

We will discuss two ways of resolving the issue of ‘word not responding’. The first solution will work if the problem has occurred due to abrupt changes:

  • Close all the Word pages.
  • Give a restart to your Word.
  • Start a new Word file.
  • Open Review tab and Tracking group.
  • An all-markup option will appear. Click on it.
  • Now click on the Show Markup badge.
  • Change the Ballon settings to the possible abrupt changes you made.
  • Now go to files and try to open the errorful doc.

The second method is running the Troubleshoot, which can help in almost all possible causes.

  • Begin with confirming the Word’s startup folder.
  • Now remove or rename all the normal. Dotfiles were existing in your device.
  • Now start the detect execution operation by going to the help menu.
  • Now remove the Word from the registry of the Window. [it will re-register itself after relaunching]

Above mentioned solutions will solve your issue in most cases. But if none of it works, then try uninstalling and then reinstalling the whole Word.